We want to explore the diversity of the rural Italian landscape and its ancient villages by learning from the environment that surrounds us; trying to preserve its nature, and safeguard the knowledge of the farmers and villagers who live and work there.

The project

Woodvivors is a project born in 2016 from an idea by Francesco Paolo Lanzino. Our goal is to highlight a forgotten reality of rural Italy, collecting the testimonies of the protagonists of this world. The team is formed by a group of people eager to rediscover and communicate the traditions, values ​​and lifestyles of the past;

With our journey we want to show how anyone, armed with curiosity, can bring to light the rural roots of their own ground – even when they seem very far away - to create a sustainable future that learns from the past.


The main goal is to realize a documentary film that tells the story of life in rural Italy. We aim to highlight a forgotten part of our country and show a reality that is largely unknown to a wide public (it will be supported by an online magazine, that contains more in-depth information about the trip);

To valorize the Italian natural heritage, drawing attention to the mountain ranges and their villages, farmers-lands, Natural Parks and hiking trails;

To create GPS mapping of the entire trail, and every water source we encounter along the way. We will make a virtual map of wells, sources and drinking water, that will be available online in open source.

To record the remaining witnesses of a rural past, in order to allow a compatible reuse of their wisdom and knowledge of the territory. If we don’t act now, they are destined to be lost forever.

The Team

To make this journey possible we needed to create a competent and enthusiastic team.

on ground
  • Francesco Paolo Lanzino: Director, sound
  • Ellev Derks: Anthropologist
  • Marco Comerio: Filmaker, founder of Crooner Films
  • Martino Coffa: Technical director, founder of Recipient.cc
  • Sara Jaralla: Location manager
  • Roberto Collura: Editing
  • Manfredi Agnello: Compositor
  • Andrea La Duca: Location manager
  • Fausto Carano: Web
  • Riccardo Lanzarone: Content expert

The route

The itinerary winds through Italy, from Palermo to Turin. The route develops mainly along the Apennine ridges, far from the large urban centers. We will follow the traces of ancient paths and sheep tracks where possible. The expected duration of the trip is about 5 months, this includes the amount of the time required to realize the documentary film;

The trail crosses some of the most interesting natural and historical sites of our country: Pollino National Park, Cinque Terre, The Apennines and Peloritani. And these are just some of the wonderful places that will make an appearance in the project. It is necessary to travel during spring and summer, taking advantage of the warmer months, with more hours of light and the possibility to find fresh food for our animals.