Italy at Mule’s pace.

An alternative team composed of ten young people, two mules and a donkey is crossing the CAI Sentiero Italia to discover and narrate the rural world.
A journey of 2500 km at mule’s pace through the rural soul of our country among farm labourers and old craftsmen.
The aim is to document the rural world, its cultures, traditions and lifestyles and its struggle for survival. Our hope is to help stimulate a new interest in local customs and practices, to build a sustainable future rooted in our heritage.

The mule

With its ability to adapt to almost any terrain, feed on wild herbs and incredible resistance to physical exertion, the mule is one of the animals that has contributed most to the development of civilisation as it stands today.
Travelling on foot in the company of a mule, or as in our case two mules and a donkey, is a bridge to get in tune with the different realities scattered throughout the Italian territory: it allows us to get to know the witnesses of a forgotten reality, respecting their lives and their value. Through these meetings we want to create an archive of unwritten cultures, expressed by daily habits that change with the seasons.


We share our journey with you.

Day after day we tell you about our emotions and experiences coming into contact with these realities.
We are witnessing the reality of rural life in 2021 by letting ourselves be guided by those who welcome us and who want to tell their stories.
The journey started on 15 April 2021 from the island of Pantelleria, with the support of the director of the Pantelleria National Park Antonio Parrinello and will take us as far as Turin, a journey lasting about six months.